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updated 11:11 PM UTC, Dec 21, 2014
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Jiangxin Zhou (Grape Island)

For both recreation and good food, there no better place than Jiangxin Zhou (literally Jiangxin Continent) that lies just off Nanjing in the Yangtze River, accessible by two ferries from Mianhuadi Ferry Port and Hongwei Ferry Port, and via the Yangtze River Tunnel and Jiangxin Zhou Bridge that also has lanes for bikes and pedestrians. This small 20 sq. km oasis of farmland, where you can sample both rural and small town China, is known for its clean air, quaint farmhouses, vineyards and strawberry patches. A number of artists have opened workshops on the island, while visitors can pick ridiculously fresh grapes and strawberries, pay by the jin, have a picnic and bike or stroll around the island.

  • Chinese name: 江心洲
  • Address: In the middle of the Yangtze River!

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